Sunday, June 29

Celebrating Our City's Diverse Ethnic Heritage Through Thrillseeking Adventure

We trotted on down to the Ethnic Festival yesterday after our garage sale and before going to visit Jace and seeing the movie "Wall-E" (yeah, we like to cram everything into 1 day). We noticed these ponies but didn't think Jack would want to take part. Boy, were we wrong! Mr. Independent would barely even let me walk beside him.
He kept saying "ya! ya!" like a cowboy, making horse sounds and saying "thanks, horse". I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a pony. Pish posh...
I ignored his blatant requests not to be joined on his ride. Then we went down the mega slide...four times.
And something got on our camera lens. We didn't notice so the next couple of photos will have a smudge. Sorry!
After the slide, we enjoyed Indian tacos, chicken-on-a-stick, funnel cakes and listened to some music. We even saw our good friend Scott Kleeb again! He remembered Jack from the caucus. How could you forget a face like that?


Cheryl said...

I smiled when I read that Jack said "Thanks Horse!" How cute is that? Sounds like you had fun-filled day.

Kimi said...

I heart Scott Kleeb too.

I loved the Pony Pics! Giddy-up!

Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

Great that you were at the Ethnic Festival - wish I would've seen you. Look like Jack had a good time on the ponies and it was a great day! Hope all is well. Take care.