Sunday, June 29

Congrats, Nanci and Jay!

(Yes, the camera smudge is back!)
We got to meet our newest friend Jace yesterday after hanging out downtown. He is adorb!
Here is Jay with his firstborn. He is taking to the whole 'daddy' thing like a natural!

We made sure Jack wore his "I wasn't born yesterday" shirt since Jace was, in fact, born the day before. We're clevs.

Amy and one of her bestest friend's son. She was going crazy all week, ready for Nanci to have the baby! She called me several times over the past two weeks and would say "I called Nanci earlier but she hasn't called me back. I bet she's in labor!" To which I would ask how long ago she called and she would say "more than an hour ago!" Thanks, Nanci, for finally having your baby! I also got to hold Jace but the camera batteries died by then...


Cheryl said...

Love that t-shirt!