Wednesday, August 22

House Fire

We just found out a little bit ago that Amy's brother Dan's house in Omaha was destroyed by fire earlier this morning.
They work very late at the casino in Council Bluffs so were sleeping at 8:50 a.m. when a neighbor woke them up by ringing the doorbell over and over again. When Dan answered the door the neighbor told him they'd called the fire department and that the house was on fire.
Their smoke alarms did not go off. The cause of the fire was that one of his outside lights was turned on and it had turned upside-down. It started the soffet on fire and had really burned a lot before the neighbor noticed.
Dan and his girlfriend, Amber, were okay, but the house is unliveable and will be for several months. It destroyed the roof and most of the kitchen and there is a lot of smoke damage.
They are staying with friends tonight and until they find a place to stay while the house is being renovated. Keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.
And do yourselves a favor tonight: Check your smoke detectors!


Blackmans said...

Wow! That is really scary! Let them know we are thinking of them!

sixbehrs said...

That's pretty scary. That's like my biggest nightmare--a fire starting during the night. Thank goodness for the neighbor!

The Hagan Clan said...

oh wow, thats really freaky! Im glad they are ok, we will diff. keep them in our prayers!

Baby Greenwood said...

wow! how scary! thank God they are okay!!