Monday, August 13

A Trip Across Six Counties

Rick and Jack had a really good time catching up. (Yeah, his shorts were wet from the car ride. So sue me!)
And Granny Janny got to see her little man. Daddy and Jack made the trip alone so Mommy could get her ducks in a row for the school year!
Jack and his Pa did some serious bonding.
We stuck around for a while before going and seeing Gramps Jer and Grammy Tami so Uncle Jake could see Jack walking. He was amazed at Jack's skillz!
Tickle time!
Luke and Jack doing some catch-up. None of his cousin's knew what to think of his walking!
Jack likes to take Nathan's binky and give it right back. Not sure what's up with that, but it was 15 minutes of entertainment and they both seemed okay with it.

Nathan Lyn
He's a lil monkey...
Matthew and Luke ham it up for the camera.
Matthew was my buddy. He really took to me, which is good cuz last time I saw him he was quite uncertain about The Dave.
Matthew pins Luke. They were having a good time playing.

Here, buddy. Have some of mine.
Reach out and touch someone...
Two little boys, eating spaghetti, goofin' around.
Grandma Elaine loves her grandson. Even when he's being messy.
Matthew Jared, Jack Parker and Luke Carson

Jack met Peyton's cat, Addie. He liked her pretty good.
And he rode Peyton's horsey.
I love this picture. They are just sizin' each other up.
Jack helped Grammy Tami with dishes.
Jack loved the spagh-oulash Grammy made. Dad made sure he got something from all five food groups for every meal!

Okay, I have to admit that this isn't in one of the food groups, but he liked it!
Peyton and Jack.
C'mere Peytie. I'm gonna get you messy!
Grams and Gramps have a fun sandbox for their grandkids. Peyton and Jack played in it briefly.
And this time none of it went in his mouth! Beat that, Mommy!

Peyton, Sarah, Jack and I went to the pool after the sandbox. Jack kept trying to walk through the baby pool by himself. Didn't work the best.
Look at those muscles! Just like his dad's.
Grandma and Grandpa's little angels: Luke Carson, Peyton Elisabeth, Nathan Lyn, Tori Rae, Jack Parker and Matthew Jared.
Just another shot of the kidlets. They lined up fantastically for the photos!
Jack and Matthew were having their own fun.
Playing in Grandma's flowers.
Grandma loves me, Grandma loves me, Grandma loves me...
Tori and her buddy Jack
And Jack enjoyed the time he spent messing with Granny Janny's cat's dish.


The Hagan Clan said...

those are some awesome pics... he's too cute! looks like you both had a really great time back! Sorry didnt get to see you! but i will for sure next time!

Sarah said...

"Just Jack" (typing that with spirit fingers)is ADORABLE!! You have very sweet pictures of him. I like the comments. We really should get together sometime.
-Sarah, Lane and Owen