Tuesday, August 7

Mommy & Jack's Trip To Iowa

Granny Janny went with Mommy and Jack to Iowa last week to visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa K.
Jack spent much of the first day running in circles around the house. He was sweating so much his mom took his clothes off so he could cruise in his diaper.
I love this picture. I can't put my finger on exactly why, but I just do.
Grandma and Gramps watched Jack tear down the block tower his mom built.
He really liked Gramps' candy jar!
I'm going to introduce you to a friend of mine named Elmo, Gramps.
Jack found Gramma very amusing.
Jack tells Grandma all about his crazy life.
And demonstrates proper Hot Wheels play-age.
The humidity was so bad there, Amy couldn't keep the camera from fogging over when they were outside. It gives this picture kind of a cool vibe though I think!

Playing with Granny Janny in the marigolds.
This flower is good as (mari)gold.
Grandma trying to feed Jack some Ritz crackers.
Be afraid, Edna. Be very afraid.
Jack's favorite toy du jour: a Diet Coke bottle. I prefer Diet Pepsi.

Gotta get that kid to switch brands.
Jack and Aunt Susan.
Grandma, Susan, Jack and Gramps.
Susan and Jack had a blast!
Jack really likes hair right now...

Bye bye, Iowa! We'll be back soon!
Granny Janny and Auntie Em at Cracker Barrel. Daddy met everyone there to attend Dax's birthday party that day. (We'll have photos from that later!)
Jack feeds Auntie Em.
Ooops! You caught me with my foot on the table.
I wanna RAWK!


The Hagan Clan said...

my favorite ones are when jack is saying goodbye Iowa and with his two grammy's! very cute pics...

The Hoskovec's said...

I love all your pics! Looks like he had a lot of fun! Question for you how did you get your playlist music on your blog? I NEED Help! Ha in more ways than one!