Saturday, August 11

A Basement Full O' Water

This is me making light of a not-so-funny sitcho.
Jack and Daddy were at the bank getting some cash out for their trip to see Grandma and Grandpa V and Mommy called to see if they'd stop back by and see why there was no hot water. We went back to the house, I opened the basement door and unwittingly stepped into about three inches of water.
Luckily, this is just a storage basement under our kitchen, so we did some impromptu tossing of wet stuff that wasn't salvageable. Most of the stuff was on shelves on the side though so it didn't ruin much. We're quite concerned about mold though.
The little pump that could. This little guy pumped all the water out of the basement, and when it got low enough we could see it was coming through the bottom of the floor. We've had way too much rain this year and the water table is higher than our basement, so it has to go somewhere. Thankfully, we don't have valuable stuff down there! (There is some mold on the back wall there, so we'll have to re-drywall soon.)
Wanna go for a dip?
I was just in the basement a few days ago, so it must have just started coming in recently. We're still pumping it out. We'll let you know how everything turns out!


The Hagan Clan said...

oh wow that is a lot of water!

The Hoskovec's said...

Oh NO! We have had trouble with our basement flooding too! It is no fun!

bec said...

i'm so sorry guys!! no fun at all!!