Monday, August 20

A Couple Photos

There is a picture of Tori on Aunt Heidi's wall of her doing this very same thing when she was Jack's age. She would crinkle up her nose and snort. We called it 'funny face'. Jack started doing the same face the other day impromptu! It is so cute! And it brought back such great memories of baby Tori!
Jack was playing with Dad's shirt, so we put it on him. He enjoyed that for a while!
Being a big boy in Dad's shirt!
He looks like his dad, does he not?
Future matador? Wrong color...
We took Jack to CostCutters on Saturday and they mutilated his hair. Fortunately, Laurie's mom evened it out and made it cooler than Dad's!


The Hagan Clan said...

jack,your are so darn cute!!!

The Hoskovec's said...

Jack sure is cute!