Thursday, May 3

Best. Video. EVER.

You'll want to have the sound up for this one! Hilarious.
To play the video, press the triangle in the middle of the screen once to activate the screen, then press it again to play the video. It'll load and then play. (I always find it a more enjoyable viewing experience to press the pause button--two parallel up and down lines in the left bottom corner of the screen--and wait for entire video to load before watching it. The red line will completely cover the bottom of the screen.)
Tell me what you think of this video thing? Should I keep it up?


Anonymous said...

Love the videos, seriously he must be the happiest baby I've ever seen, and really I've yet to see him! ~Karess

Susan said...

I really liked the lawnmower video. I still like seeing the still pictures. How about a mixture of both?

Baby Greenwood said...

Most definitely continue posting videos in addition to pics. We are stealing your idea! ;)