Monday, May 7

Another Crazy Sunday!

We went to Lincoln Sunday to meet Ella Kucera. Her parents are friends of Mommy and Daddy. She is a dolly. Her cousin Maggie is holding her for the first time.
Pictured is Maggie, Ella, Jack and Amy.
Then we went over to Auntie Em's and saw Emily, Mike, Taylor and Kealey. Here, Tay and Jack play with the football.
"Hey...psssttt...come here, see that swingset way out there? Let's make a break for it...
Whaddaya lookin' at, Taylor?
Jack showed Kealey how to drive.
Then he hid under the pool table.
Still under the pool table and still playing with the car.
Jack and Kealey.
When we got to Fireworks restaurant to see Dax and his parents, Jack was out! He looks like he has a black eye in this picture, but it's a smudge on the mirror. Our batteries died in the camera after this photo, so we have to steal from Dax's mommy when she downloads her camera. We met them for lunch with Emily, Mike, Taylor and Kealey. It was quite the wild meal! We'll post those photos a little later.