Tuesday, May 29

Jack's First Camping Trip

Jack enjoyed his first camping trip for the Memorial Day weekend. We had a camping trip scheduled with Aunt Missy but they ended up sick, we didn't get a spot on time and the whole thing kind of fell through at the last minute. Darn it; we were looking forward to seeing them again. Anyway, we got a spot here close to town and it turned out being just right. Friends were able to come out, and Granny Janny, Rick, Auntie Em, Mike, Kealey, Taylor, Jake and others camped with us for a couple nights. Here, Jack is joined by his buddy Camden at the picnic table.

Jack is doing really well on eating real food. He REALLY enjoyed the little bit of homemade ice cream Granny Janny gave him Sunday night! It was a hit.
Taking up part of the table. What a haul there, huh?
Tristan (daddy's co-worker Heather's son) was impossible to photograph. He's like a lightning bolt!

Here I got a pic of him running beside his tent. He and his mom and dad tented Saturday night with us so they could go fishin' the next morning bright and early.

Jack's Mom, Jack and Heather.

Rick, Granny Janny and Uncle Jake beside the camper.

Camden shows us where his nose is. So smart!

And then he showed us where his Mommy's nose is too!

Camden is so big!

Granny Janny, Rick and Jack delight in the great outdoors.

Jake, Kealey, Emily and Taylor (behind Emily).

Jake and Auntie Em get the burgers off the grill while Mike enjoys one of the first dawgs.
I love campin'!
Dang, I'm cute! Have you missed this smile?

Center of attention.
Playing with my girls Kealey and Auntie Em.

The first day, Mommy and Daddy just fed me on the dinette booth.
Daddy and I snuggled up to try to go to sleep.

Enjoying the grass.
Trying some big boy toys.

Let's play catch!
How many dudes does it take to put an outdoor fireplace together?

Jake and Mike chillin...
...while Emily, Kealey and Taylor relax inside to get to sleep.

Toasting my toes by the fire.


The Wades said...

Finally an update!!!! We have been missing you! Has a blast last weekend. Let's do it again sometime!
~~The Wades

HAGANS said...

i think you need to trim those toe nails...Mister...lol

Anonymous said...

did it the minute we got home. LOL