Monday, May 28

Utter Naughtiness


Stacy Cutinella said...

These videos aren't working for me - and I want them to!!

It looks like Jack changed from a baby to a little person during the month of May.

Thanks for this site, it makes my day :) Stacy

Dave Ja Vu said...

Have you been able to play any of the vids on the site, Stace? I re-checked and I can play them. Maybe try again or go to YouTube and install whatev program you need to play them. They're so cute. Try a dif computer and see if it works. I really want you to see them!

And yes, it is like he's become a little boy instead of a baby. Soon he'll be toddling about, scaring Dad with all the stuff he can get in to...

Time flies when you're raising kids!


Susan said...

These videos don't work for me either. They start to load and then stop! I'm glad you're back on the web site. Lucky Amy-out of school!

Susan said...

I can see the video! Thanks for the tweaking. It worked. Jack has a great laugh! I needed another one to watch as I keep watching the lawnmower one(which I love!).