Monday, March 9

OMG, I have a blog?

Okay, the first person to harsh on me about my lack of blog updates is gonna get a Dave-sized boot up their butt (it's the American way, according to Toby Keith)! I have been so busy. How busy? So busy that I don't know whether to brush my butt or wash my teeth. THAT'S how busy I've been. Above, witness me coaching Jack to pee outside right off the highway. We were heading to McCook when he said he had to go. This was one of three stops that day that produced zero yellow snow. He's doing a great job on the potty training thing. Most days... Here's our little cheeser noodle. He has his Transformer shoes on (or as he prefers to have them called: his 'robot shoes'; if you make that mistake, he'll quickly inform you) with big boy pantaloons and an alien pajama top. Classy ensemble.

Jack and his snowman. We got a card in the mail from 'Mr. Snowman' one day. Only in a small town would something like that happen. You can read all about it here.

We jetted to GI for a vball tournament a couple weekends ago. Here is Jack with Jace, Jay and Nanci's son. They are adorb together, no diggety, no doubt.

A common interest: Whatever that toy is they're playing with.
Our boys. Such lookers.
Yes, the carpet is still around. No, it won't be for long. But that look? Let's hope it catches on.

The dudes doing the dishes. We're awesome.

Jack absolutely adores dish time. It makes the effort 100% more effort-er having him at the sink. There's also 25% more cleanup afterward! Worth it for that smile? Possibly.

My gawsh, how adorable can this child get?
Jack-a-roni with extra cheese.

His elbows needed some TLC. It's all good.


Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

Do you do the dishes often? 'Cause you seriously need to have a convo with your brother about that. Perhaps he could help out at our house every once in a while...? Cute pics!

Dave Ja Vu said...

Only by force do I do the dishes. Though I've heard I do them more than most guys. Maybe someone should mention that little tidbit to The Amy.

Kimi said...

Love all the new pictures!

TiLynn said...

It was great seeing you guys when you were in GI!! I'm starting to work on another CD for Jack! I'll let you know when I'm done. I hope to see you guys soon!!

Kimi said...

Hey Dave. Just showing my sister your blog!!! She loves it.

KatieSaysSo said...

Hey Dave....My sister (Kimi) showed me your blog earlier and I just stopped by again to comment! Your little boy is so cute! He kind of reminds me of Johnny lol. I also blog and have trouble updated I know how it is. Happy St. Patty's day!

Dave Ja Vu said...

Hey Katie,

Welcome to our little corner of the web. Amy and I LOVE your sister and her fam, so stop by any time and all the time!

We liked your blog too. We were big Idol fans for many years, but since having a kid stopped watching. Now I couldn't watch it if I tried! Anyhootie, we watched that Johnny Cash performance you ranted about. WTH was that? Sacrilege to the Carter/Cash name! Downright horrid.