Wednesday, March 18

Chicks, man!

We were in McCook the other day and talking to someone about chicks, so decided to go to Orscheln's to see them in person. Jack had a great time, as evidenced by the following photos!
Okay, I'm going to make a little confession. White bunnies with red eyes CREEP me out. I'm just kinda glad Jack couldn't reach that little demon rabbit.
The rabbits were beyond our reach, so we watched one of them drink then headed over to the chicks and ducklings.
I sincerely hope he's not squeezing the life out of that chick. Every dad's worst nightmare: The aftermath of your son choking the life from some random chick. Um, wait... I didn't mean it that way!
He loved holding the little chicks...
...with close adult supervision, mind you.
That poor chick looks terrified.
Mommy helping out. He was actually very gentle with them, thank goodness. I was imagining having to take a 'broken' chick up to the counter to pay for it. You know the rule: You break its neck, you buy it!
Okay, I hate blogger, so there's the reason I hardly ever update anymore. I can't get any of my pictures to load in order and you can't just move them around. When are they going to fix this site so it's actually user-friendly like every other site out there? GAW! I feel like I'm back in the Commodore 64 era on this danged program!
Okay, I'm done. Jack's shirt actually (coincidentally) said Chick Magnet on it. I thought it was funny that in this particular picture, which was supposed to load LAST, it said HICK. The joke is ruined, blogger. Thanks a ton.
Modelin' his Chick Magnet shirt that he just happened to be wearing that day.
You want me to take his shirt off, punk? Cuz I don't think you want me to take this shirt off!
Kissin' the baby duckling.
Pleasin' with some cheesin' for the baby ducks.


Wheeler Family said...

These pictures are so cute!
I agree about blogger & loading pics, but I've found it much easier to do it in html, and you can cut & paste them where you want them.

brusoe2000 said...

very cute pics...we've been to many pet stores and thought the same break you buy.