Monday, March 30

Checkin' out the Model T

Auntie Em was here for the weekend, which was a great excuse to go out to dinner with Grandma Bev and Gramps Cy. It ended up being quite the party at Pizza Hut Sunday afternoon, as 11 of us piled into the party room. After that, we headed over to the grand'rents' house to visit. Jack caught sight of a tractor in the backyard, so we went out to sit on it. That led to everyone coming outside and the uncles rolling the Model T out of the garage. Jack LOVED playing in the restored car — the same one his parents rode away in on their wedding day!
Jack in the car and behind him, from left, Alan and his girlfriend Shelby Woitaszeski, Will and his girlfriend Kayla Minard, Stephanie, Emily and Amy.
Stephanie pointed out some bird poop in the back of the car so Jack was fixated on that for a while. He found it quite amusing. Thanks, Steph!
Our little Model T driver.
"Now go on, Miss Daisy..."
Alan, Shelby, Kayla, Grandma Bev, Ems.
Grams woke Gramps from his nap to come outside to supervise the Model T hoopla.
Then we checked out a tractor in the garage. The crew: Emily, James, Shelby, Alan, Gramps, Amy, Kayla, Will, Bill, Grandma, Steph and Jackles.
Time for a nap after a fun little diversion.
Emily being a goof while Jack spaces off. He took a good nap that day!


Cheryl said...

What an awesome car, looks great. I'm glad you had a good weekend with all the family!

KatieSaysSo said...

You take really great photos. I love them. Wish I had a better camera.

Oh by the way lol this is your friend Kim's sister. I had saved your blog into my google reader when she showed it to me. I really like it. Also really like your other blog too! Right up my alley!