Wednesday, October 15

Ye Olde Scarecrow Patch

We went to the scarecrow patch last weekend. Jack got up from his nap and we took off for the countryside by St. Libory. It wasn't really all that cold, just drizzly. Fall weather has mos def set in. I love the fall though, so you're not gonna hear me bitchin'...well, about that anyway...
We were there for about 45 minutes, which allowed us to do the straw bale maze, the pumpkin chucker, pet some animals and have a good time. Then it started raining so we left...without a stinkin' pumpkin. Redick.
This goat LOVED Jack. He kept sticking his head through the fence to play with us. We weren't sure whether to let Jack get too close. He went right over and petted him. Can goats hurt you? I have no idea. Shameful.
We got the rubber duckies racing with the pumps.
Wuv corn? Yes, I realize Jack has Ted Koppel hair here, maybe even a little on the Trump-ish side. He is scheduled for an Extreme Makeover: Hair Edition this week. Fear not. We're not dirty hippies or nothin'.
And while we were there, we ran into Brooklyn from Jack's daycare. They were happy to see each other and were pretty content to ditch the 'rents and play together. It was Brookie's third birthday party there for her family so we inadvertently crashed the sucker. They had fun...and that's pretty much all that matters.


Peyton's Place said...

Looks like a great time! I love goats!! ;o) Can't wait to see you 3 this weekend!!