Thursday, August 21

Thanks, Johnny, Kimi and Nate!

Our friends (who I didn't even get to talk to the other day when I saw them; lucky them) sent us a couple shirts via the Nanci Speedy Delivery Service the other day. Jack wore this one to daycare today, so we thought we'd take a quick snappy for the blog. The shirt says: "Barack Obama Is My Homeboy."
Thanks, Canfield Fam!


Kimi said...

Ahhh... Thanks. Johnny's new Obama shirt is more of a standard red/white get up. We would take pics, but it needs a major bleach job due to too much candy at Wood River's Fun Fest. I may be the only democrat one commented on the shirt. Nanci let us know your fetus prediction. We shall find out in less than two weeks.

Blackmans said...

I was just stopping by your blog to see if you have updated when Matthew saw a picture of Jack and started yelling, "Jack"! He loves your blog! I'm not sure I will ever be able to `leave now... he was mad when I clicked to write a comment!