Tuesday, August 26

Jonesin' For Some Jack?

Yeah, we get it folks. You've missed this little guy like the dickens lately. Sorry for the delay in posts. Between being extremely biz and not having the best internet (for the rec, don't ever get Alltel Wireless if you're pondering that), we've been bad, bad bloggers.
Grandma and Grandpa V were here recently and luckily Uncle Joe and Aunt Sarah sent some COTC with them for us to enjoy. And enjoy it Jack mos def did. He chowed the entire thing down to nothing. And his dad, like a weiner, cut all of his own off the cob so it wouldn't get stuck in his gums and teeth.
Thanks, Broseph and Sarah Janie (and Peytie and baby V too)!
Our buddies Josh, Sarah, Ella and Brenna came over one night for dinner. It was a lot of fun and we caught the last eppy of "So You Think You Can Dance Real Good, Huh? We'll See About That!" At one point, Jack fell off something and blamed it on Josh. It was kinda redick, but I think he was more mad at Josh because he didn't catch him.
Jack, your shirt is saying one thing and your actions are saying quite the opps.
This was weeks ago, but we had Gramps and Grams here for an entire weekend. We had a great time (as per uszh). Here we are at the petting zoo at the county fair. We went over to enjoy all that the fair has to offer: animals, carnival rides, 4-H exhibees, funnel cakes, Motley Crue mirrors, etc... Well, when we got there it was drizzly so we went to the indoor petting zoo first. By the time we got done, it was very rainy, so we went home. It was not a total loss though 'cuz we got to see a lot of animals.
Chicks dig these guys.
The night before we trekked over to K-Town to meet Aunt Missy, Uncle Jared, Luke, Matt, Nate, Jake and my cousins Larissa and Shane. Here's Nathan mauling Gramps when we got there.
They could barely contain their excitement when they saw me. (Okay, not really. They were practically mowing over each other to get at Gramps and Grams. They didn't really even notice the rest of us. And that's the truth.)
Here's Jacob. He's Hilarious!

Gramps, Nate and Jackles. We're into funny T's in this fam. Nathan's says "Prince Charming" (totally true) and Jack's is the "Dude, Your Girlfriend Keeps Checking Me Out" (also true, but not in the way you think). Anyway, do you think these guys like the Gramps? Methinks so.
Missy and three of the five ornery boyz. Nathan and Jack were still competing for Gramps.
Look at those roly poly legs. Don't you just wanna pick him up and squeeze him? I do. And I did.
Goofin' around.
Jack and the turtle.
And that's a wrap, folks. Stay tuned cause we've got some official news coming up (and no, we're not expecting)!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Updates on the Vrbi! I have definitely been missing updates on that little cutie! Love the corn on the cob picture - looks like he's definitely enjoying it!

Blackmans said...

It's about time for some updates! All of these pictures made me laugh! I love the corn pictures too!

I must say though... that "official news" had me really excited there for minute!!!!

Peyton's Place said...

You are very welcome for the corn-on-the-cob! I heard he was LOVIN' it! Good to hear. Peytie is a huge fan too! (However, I'm a little burnt out on the garden veggies... for this season anyway.) I'm so happy to see updates on Jack. Peytie will be thrilled too, will have to show her tonite after work! Thanks!

Miss you guys!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the update, I've been missing the pictures. Spent last week in Vegas-Kori and Zach got married! (Didn't know if you'd heard that news yet) Looking forward to your "official announcement."

Kimi said...

Great...now I feel anxious! You have us on pins and needles.

FYI, 6 days till we find out pink or blue