Sunday, August 31

Fetus Prediction

Our friends Nate and Kimi will be finding out this week what flavor of baby they're having, so I thought I'd just save them a bit of trouble and let them know I believe it is a girl this time around. Start picking out some good girl names, kidz, because Johnny's getting a sister!

(I will say that this prediction is disagreed upon and bet against by our friend Jay, so if I'm right--which duh, I am--I'll relish in the fact that I can say 'neener neener neener' as I collect my winnings!)

Stay tuned for our big announcement to be announced before the end of Labor Day weekend! And again, we're not expecting!


Cheryl said...

The end of Labor Day weekend is fast approaching...;o)

Peyton's Place said...

I agree... tell us the news already!!!! ;o)

Kimi said...

WE will know if you are right tomorrow at this time. I will post to you on here tomorrow night when we get home. Nate is still pushing for BLUE!

Kimi said...