Monday, February 25

Some Random Pics From A Very Eventful Weekend

So, I did some very poor and spotty photojournaling of Amy's 30th birthday party weekend. I was having too much fun to be using the camera much I guess. Jack enjoyed the balloons I sent Amy at school on Friday.
Tori again watched Jack while we hung out with other adults at the sports bar.
We had a bunch of people at the house for the weekend too. Yeah, again my photographing of the weekend is quite lame-o. Gawd forbid I try to get their faces or anything. With photography skills this bad, I might almost qualify for Gazette employment.
I do love this pic though. For about an hour Sunday morning, Gramps endured Jack's repeated climbs up and down himself. They had a pretty good time.
Amy's kids and co-workers decorated her room on her birthday and two of her friends even sang "Happy Birthies" to her that morning bright and early.
What a sight to see ear-lie in the morning.

And that's all I gots for y'alls.


The Wades said...

So sad we weren't there to help celebrate. We're all going into GI withdrawls (well not Bryce, he's never been there)! We love you and HAPPY B-DAY AMY!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Anniversary of your 29th birthday, Ames!
-The Blechas

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are missing one very important person, the birthday girl! Happy 30th birthday Amy!