Tuesday, February 19


A very heartfelt congrats goes out to my good friend, Mia, today. Last week, after waiting patiently--and sometimes notsomuch--for several years for a child to adopt, she and her hubby Darrin got a call to head to Omaha on Wednesday. Since they've had some close calls in the past, she didn't get too excited. Well, lo and behold, she can be excited now because she came back to town with a baby boy, Isaiah.
Congratulations, Mia and Darrin! We are so excited for both of you. You'll be great parents and Isaiah is one blessed little boy!
UPDATE: I talked to Mia and little bit ago and she is very content and happy. We'll have photos soon of our trip over to see little Isaiah (as soon as we do some shopping for the little guy)!

The Vrbi