Monday, February 18

Crazy, Crazy Week

Our week started off with a long and fun visit from Great-Grandma Elaine. She came and had fun with Jack all day while we worked. Laurie was gone to a wedding so she was happy to come and see Jack. We had originally planned on my mom, but she got sick.
Then we headed back to Palisade for a party. We'll get to that in a minute. Here, Jack and Peyton enjoy the fruits of raiding Grandma's kitchen.
Then we went to Missy's for the party. Here I am with Jack and the newest member of the clan, Jacob.
Jacob doesn't really know what to think about my haircut.
Grandma, Aunt Sarah, Matthew, Missy, Luke and Peytunia.

Jack wasn't really very excited about his parents holding a baby.
Kitty was a bit stressed out with all of us in her house.
Here is Jack's mommy holding Jacob. Doesn't she look great?
This will likely be the only picture of Jack and Matthew from that day. Jack was really intimidated by Matthew.
Jack and Grandma Tami have a break in the action.

Grandpa Jerry and Jacob.
Jared and Nathan. He had just got up from his nap so he was a bit tuckered still.
Didn't stop him from KO'ing Gramps.
Uncle Joe and Matthew read "Fox in Socks".
Lil' Nathan.

Jack and Grandpa.
Mr. Jacob.
The crew: Jacob, Tori, Peyton, Grammy Tami, Matthew, Jack, Gramps, Nathan and Luke. The reason for the party was Grams and Gramps 35th Anniversary this coming weekend. Congrats, Grandma and Grandpa! Here's to 35+ more!
And now just the little ones. Luke Carson, Matthew Jared, Jacob Kent, Tori Rae, Jack Parker, Peyton Elisabeth and Nathan Lyn.
Matthew hung out just a little longer after pictures to kiss on Jacob.

Sleepy Jacob.
Jack playing.
Jack and Great Aunt Nancy.
Tori and I played tennis on the Wii. It can only be described as FUN-strating. In a few years, if I practice everyday, I might be able to beat her.
Nathan and Jack discuss binkies.
Gramps, Grams and two of their many grandsons.
Grams and Gramps. cute! Good pic, Missy!
We made sure we saw Granny Janny too! Here's Jack snuggling with her bear.
And goofin...
Kisses for Granners Janners.
And we saw Grandpa and Grandma Haag too! Jack was excited about pictures obvs.
In this pic are Bill, Steph, Alan, Grandpa Cy, Grandma Bev and Grandpa Tom. And of course, Mr. Showoff.
Jack and The Mom.

He was out before we even got him in the car. He was SPENT...


Unknown said...

Some great pictures, some of my favs, Jacob and your dad with the sun coming in on them, the close up of Jacob, and of Jack showing off! Plus your mom and dad looking at each other. Kudos to Missy there! Looks like a great weekend.