Sunday, November 25

A Visit From Dax

Muscling for rank on the slide.
Dax came to see us with his mommy last Sunday, and we are just getting around to posting about it. Amy, Jack, Becca and Dax took a trip to Mommy's school where they have an awesome preschool playground/courtyard that Jack just loves. He and Dax had a blast playing there!
Two sweet little boyz in their blue jeans and navy sweatshirts.
Looking for trouble.
"And here is where we keep all the balls. When you're done playing with one, please return it to this spot, please. And that concludes my tour of the toy portion of the courtyard. Please join me for the equipment tour in T-minus five minutes."

Dax enjoyed the sandbox.
As did Mr. Concerned McSerious-facerson.
What a great time was had by the boyz.
Back at our casa, the two boys were fighting over this awesome JD tractor; that is, until Dax decided to push Jack around on it. Then both were happy about it...for about three minutes anyway!
How stinkin' cute is this?


Peyton's Place said...

That last pic IS stinkin' cute! What a cool thing friendship is. I bet they'll be buds forever. Very cute!