Sunday, November 11

Staying Home For Three Days

I really like this photo. Another good lighting shot by me. Way to go, ME!
Dad and Jack got to spend a lot of time together this week, as Jack came down with an ear/sinus infection for the ages. Jack was 'interesting' during those three days. We had periods of extreme good cheer followed almost immediately--and without notice--by episodes of mental and physical anguish (for lack of a more diplomatic way of saying it). I did catch some of his better moments on camera.
Here, he enjoys watching cartoons. Boy, did we watch cartoons. I learned a lot from watching those cartoons. And I think the one that stands out better than any other is that I despise "WonderPets". That show is a complete insult to a child's intelligence. (My mom used to say that same thing about "Gumby and Friends" and I never knew what she meant by that. Now I do.)
I finally turned the telly off and got the trapset out. Ringo here performs brilliantly.
And fashioned a neat little hat out of a saucepan. Brills.
Watching him play his drums was not only loud, but Hilarious Clinton!
Don't know what the point of this photo is, but I like it.


Peyton's Place said...

OMG! I am so glad we agree on the 'Wonder Pets' thing... Isn't that the most annoying, degrading show for children?! Joe & I absolutely hate that show. Especially the annoying, baby-talking chick. I try to switch it over to something else when that one comes on - but Peyton likes it for some reason. ??

BTW... we really missed you guys yesterday - but know what that's like, those ear infections are the worst! Hope Jack is feeling much better! See ya' for Thanksgiving, right?

Luv ya',
Auntie S

Anonymous said...

The constant singing was bad enough, but when the duck talked, that was the deal breaker for me.

Good thing Amy didn't see it. She would have freaked! She hasn't seen it, but she's heard about it through her speech path friends. It's the sworn enemy of the speech therapy world.