Sunday, November 4

Happy Birthday, Aunt Sarah!

Sarah and Peyton Elisabeth
Matthew and his Aunt Sarah
Broseph and Sarha Varbas
Sarah with Peyton on Joe's back....oops, I guess that's a gorilla. I don't have my contacts in this morning. You'll have to excuse me!
Sarah demonstrates improper jumping jacks form to the children.

Happy Birthday to you, Sarah! Hope you have a million more!
(You had to know I'd use the jumping jacks photo, right?!)

ThE vRbI


The Hagan Clan said...

Happy Bithday Girl, it was awesome seeing you guys last night! Your costume was freakin cool!!!!

Peyton's Place said...

Ok, first of all thank you guys! But, seriously... did you HAVE to re-post the pic of the jumpin jack flash?! Tee hee... I debated to put it on mine & sincerely hoped it would just fade away & be forgotten... hmmmm... thanks, Dave! Ha Ha J/K! Thank you, I had a wonderful b-day.

Peyton's Place said...

Oh yeah... thanks Aletha - We went to quite a bit of work on our costumes. And I guess getting 2nd place made it all worth it! Seriously tho', it was a lot of fun!

Morticia Addams ;o)