Monday, April 17

The Third Open Letter From Baby V

Hola, mi peeps! (Yes, I've been in the womb for seven months or so and I'm already speaking a second language! Muy bien!)
Easter came and went with a bang. My Aunt Emily and her boyfriend and his two kids came to spend the day with us, as did my parents' friend Joann. Mom and I enjoyed baked ham, mashed potatoes & ham gravy, kapusta, corn casserole, deviled eggs, Waldorf salad, pretzel salad and a heckuva lotta candy. My mom's dumb oven burned the rolls, so I backed off the hormone level a bit so she didn't break down. She was very sedate about it actually.
My parents have been doing some improvement on their casa lately. Dad painted the bathroom and put in a new faucet two weekends ago and over the past weekend, he painted the kitchen. It was smelly at our house and he was up until three a.m. the night before Easter. He and my mom got about four hours of sleep that night, but it didn't bother me. I just relaxed and let the amniotics swish and lull me to slumber.
Dex was a mess yesterday when everyone left. He sacked out and even when my dad swaddled him in a blanket and videotaped the whole shebang, he just laid there and took it. It was creepy...and way fun!
The Easter Bunny visited yesterday before Taylor and Kealey came to visit, so it was Sugar Central around our house. Despite the mass quantities of sugary goodness, they were very well-behaved! I don't plan to be that way, but that's just me.
The first shower is this weekend and Grandma Janet and her friend, Jan, are going crazy finding goodies for me. I can't wait until I'm born and my vision strengthens so I can see it all!
By the way, my dad missed some VERY important editing on my last letter. I forgot to mention Jan and all the great things she's helped my Grandma get done. She hunts stuff down on the Internet, finds great shopping deals in McCook--which we all know is NOT easy--and she is helping with the shower here in GI. She's come up with some great ideas for that and she's the most devoted reader of The Vrbi. That, and she's dropped some fat cash on moi lately! (Yes, I've taught myself a little French recently.) I can't wait to meet her, as she is at the top of the list of honorary aunts!
Well, I gotta go squirm a bit. I'm feeling ignored.
Hasta Lavista, muchachos!