Thursday, May 21

A quick post before leaving for O-Town

We were getting ready yesterday, when we looked up and Jack was outside on his tractor in just his birthday suit. He had disrobed and headed out onto the step. There's more to the story, but we'll stop here... Ask if you'd like to hear the other part. It's cute.
I decided since I (finally) had the camera out, I'd snap some photos of this little handsome devil.
Doin' some showin' off.

We are all heading to Omaha for state track, a visit with Dan, Emily and Jake (who is back on leave from Iraq for two weeks), a trip to the zoo, and anything else we can squeeze in. More pictures next week of that and the kite-flying with Jack and Rick. (Those pictures have been waiting to be posted for weeks. Yes, I know, I suck.)


Sarah said...

O-Town, HEY, we live in O-Town!! Give us a ring if you have any time!! Jack is looking SO grown up.

Cheryl said...

Have a great time in Omaha, I was glad to see some new pictures here, I love the black and white ones!