Sunday, April 19

Proud Moment

I know this is totally braggadocious and all, but sometimes you've just gotta toot your own horn a bit.

Amy and I went to the Nebraska Press Association convention in Kearney last night where 'The Wauneta Breeze' (where I work) snagged a total of 28 individual Best of the Press 2008 awards (12 firsts, 8 seconds and 8 thirds).

Now before you go thinking I'm bragging about myself, please keep in mind that I was only at the paper for three weeks last year. My editor, Tina Kitt, received 16 individual awards, further proving that she is AMAZING! Susan Jones, our ad creator, got two awards, and our publisher, Russ Pankonin, also won an award. I got three awards: firsts for Sports Column and Web Site, and third for Editorial (I had no strong photos to submit). The overall staff received six awards.

Overall, we were second among all weekly newspapers in the state for points and received first in General Excellence for our class. I hope the paper that won this year enjoys the traveling trophy, because next year it's returning to Chase County.

Sorry. Just had to brag up my paper. I love my job and love the people I cover; recognition just makes it that much more enjoyable. Community journalism is what keeps our citizens informed and I believe so strongly in the newspaper industry. (In fact, I have this week's editorial brewing in my brain about this very topic!)

Now, roll your eyes and go about the rest of your day...



sixbehrs said...

congrats! I think you have reason to brag, and to be proud of our paper. It's much better than many I've seen from bigger towns.

Blecha Family 4 said...

Good job, Dav-O. I'm super proud of you. Plus, what would be the use of a blog if not to brag (cute kids, family togetherness, etc)?

Sherman said...

Wow, way to go! It does feel good to brag on yourself now and then. Good job!

Tami Vrbas said...

Awesome! The Breeze is a top quality paper. And I am popping buttons, I'm so proud. Keep up the excellent work.

Love, Mom