Friday, May 29

Remembering Memorial Day Weekend

Just when I was feeling bad for not blogging enough, I went to do a massive Memorial Day post and Blogger informed me that I'm completely out of photo storage space. In order to keep blogging, I have to purchase more space. So, I'm going to post what I have uploaded and figure that all out later. I'll add to this post once I get the storage issue fixed.
The kid above is Jack. He's my son. He's cute.
We were traveling home from Lincoln and stopped to eat in K-Fed (that's what I call Kearney cuz I'm not that town's biggest fan). While eating, we bribed Jack to eat some Mac and Cheese by telling him we'd take him to ride on a race car like they have in the lobby of Wal-Mart. As we were driving north, we saw a carnival set up at the mall. YAY! Jack really enjoyed it.
Jack won this Scooby Doo at the duck pickup game thingy. He LUVZ it!
We don't know who this kid is, but Jack insisted on riding on the blue motorcycle. Didn't bother the other kid to have him there, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't overly impressed by the PAPA-razzi.
My lovely wife and Jack's wonderful mommy. She must really like Old Navy...
I recently started using because it's awesome. You can do really fun things with photos without the complexity of Photoshop. I'm going to submit this photo, minus the extras to the Palisade Pioneer Days photo contest. Love it.
Jack and Joshua Hicks were having a good time one day. Joshua is my classmate and friend Crystal's little boy.
This is Auntie Em's pup, Leo. He really is an alcoholic and kinda borderline evil. When were enjoying adult bevs at Emily's, we had to keep them off the ground or he'd intentionally spill them to drink their contents. I think the next morning he definitely needed the 'hair of the dog'! Haha! I kill me!
I like this photo, but I have a better one to post later.
Coolest kid ever? Probz.
The Haags doing Derek Zoolander's world-famous model pose.
So sweet... 
I'll upload more later when I have more time and more space. So next time you're sitting there griping about my lack of updates, remember that I maxed out my space. THAT'S how awesome I am at blogging our lives. Keep that in mind, whiners...

Go fly a kite!

Okay... so, these photos are kinda old. Recently (okay, not really) Grampa Rick bought a kite for Jack to fly when he was at Granny Janny's. This might have actually been around Easter actually. Yes, I do indeed suck as a person.
Jack loved being in control of the string reel.
Xtreme concentration.
An ant's point of view.
Look at it go!
Stud nugget.
This might have been the tug that got it...
...stuck in the tree. Rick did save it though and there was a bunch more kite flying accomplished!

Wednesday, May 27

Amy's Weight Loss Blog

Amy's at it again. Check out her weight-loss blog...

Thursday, May 21

A quick post before leaving for O-Town

We were getting ready yesterday, when we looked up and Jack was outside on his tractor in just his birthday suit. He had disrobed and headed out onto the step. There's more to the story, but we'll stop here... Ask if you'd like to hear the other part. It's cute.
I decided since I (finally) had the camera out, I'd snap some photos of this little handsome devil.
Doin' some showin' off.

We are all heading to Omaha for state track, a visit with Dan, Emily and Jake (who is back on leave from Iraq for two weeks), a trip to the zoo, and anything else we can squeeze in. More pictures next week of that and the kite-flying with Jack and Rick. (Those pictures have been waiting to be posted for weeks. Yes, I know, I suck.)