Friday, May 5

Yet Another Baby V Letter...(FINALLY)

Holy crikey, folks. It's been a long time since I chatted at ya.
You have to forgive my dad and me for being a little bit...let's just say...preoccupied. As for me, I've just been hanging out in here causing excruciating pain in my mama's back. We saw a physical therapist today to work out some kinks and Ma should feel a little better for a while now.
My growth has been tremendous lately. My brain is developing rapidly now, my lungs are getting stronger, I'm about 4 pounds give or take (my dad is jealous of that), my hair is growing rapidly (if I have any) and my testes have begun to descend from my body cavity to my scrotum! Too much information, I know.
Mom's been busy going to showers to gather all her baby loot. Aunt Missy, Heidi, Sarah and Cuz Tori had a monster shower in my dad's hometown recently. Holy cowabunga, those people know how to shower a new mommy. The cake rawked, the punch eventually melted enough to rawk, and everyone was incredibly generous. My mom and dad filled the entire trunk with stuff for their favorite person in the world: ME.
Yesterday, the folks at the school where my mama teaches hosted a surprise shower for her. They surprised her so much she cried! Then they proceeded to give her so many gifts they filled the backseat of her car. I'm glad they helped her load it in too, because I have enough guilt about the back thing. If you know what I mean... Dad was very pleased and impressed with the loot. He commented on what great people Amy gets to work with, and that they are both lucky to work with such great peeps.
Tomorrow is mama's GI shower that Aunt Nanci, Aunt Emily, Grandma and Aunt Jan are working on putting together. A lot of my mom's friends have had babies and I think a couple of them are going to bring their little boys. Not only that, but some of them are pregnant right now and will be bringing their babies with them as well. (In their bellies; if you didn't already get that...)
Dad's been working on the homefront. My nursery is rawking, the new well is in, they are fencing in the backyard and getting underground sprinklers, they removed some trees and dad has painted every single room in the house. It's crazy. They were teasing him at Mom's shower that they love reading on here about all his handiwork because it's entirely out of character! Too funny. And so true.
He was on the front page of The Independent recently because of the whole water issue at our house. His picture was pretty funny. He was all serious and stuff. He gets that way about certain things like poisonous water and politics and junk. He's weird.
So, I'm going to work on flipping so that my mom doesn't have to have a C-section and in the next few weeks, I'm going to have more brain growth, my skin will turn from red to pink, I'm going to gain weight, open and close my eyelids, grow fingernails, work on my immune system to fight infection, work on filling up this uterus, get dimples on my elbows, practice breathing movements, work on my grip, and fill up my intestines with meconium for my daddy to clean up, and my testes will continue to drop. Oh yeah, and eventually be borned unto my mother and father.
Dad's excited because his friend Lynn got to "catch" his son, Owen. Dad can't wait. Mom was a little nervous about that until it was explained that there is really no "catching" to speak of. (Dad's a klutz, FYI.)
That's what's on my agenda anyway. We'll see how it goes. For now, though, I'm gonna get some rest. I see a lot of sleepless nights in my future dealing with these parents of mine.
Catcha later.