Friday, May 5

Just Tori

Aunt Missy and Tori on eighth-grade gragitation day. SHE'S TOO PRETTY! If I were her dad, she'd be locked in her room until she's eleventy-seven years old. Eh, Tori's a good person; no worries about her. It's those pesky boys you have to worry about... This picture also reminds me that I'm more than a week late mailing a congrats card and money. Crap! I suck. Hey Tori! How about if this summer we have you stay and we'll take you shopping as a congrats on your gragitation? Deal or no deal?
Tori and Uncle Burger King at the zoo. We barely escaped!

Amy and Tori just moments before Uncle Dave started whining because he wanted to ride on the train and no one else cared.