Tuesday, July 24

A Parental Retreat To Comstock

Ahhhh, Comstock...
Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I updated this thing, but we were gone for several days last week to Comstock. When we got back, Amy and I got really sick, so I really wasn't in the mood to update. Still feeling crappy, but can at least stand to be out of bed now! The worst part is, we let Granny Janny go on Sunday night and she called to tell us Monday that she has the same thing! Yuck! Jack, however, is just as chipper and healthy as ever!
So, I decided that this weekend was going to be one of thrill-seeking since I've felt a little old lately. After working at our campground all day, I was ready to cut loose for some very supervised, strapped-in and safe adrenaline pumping! I made everyone climb the rock wall with me. There is Amy's dad, Tom, behind me getting fitted while I make sure I don't bust a hammy!
Emily went first and really moved quickly. (She'd done this before.)
Go, Emily!
Emily makes her way to the top.
I'm getting ready to climb and Em is rawkin' it out.
And here we goooo....
This is as far as I made it. Ha ha. Just kiddin'
And Emily's done so I can actually have some attention. :-)

Working at it...
Emily had performed her dismount before I even got started!
About halfway...
Almost there, little guy...
I had just pushed the button at the top here and was having a hard time 'letting go.' Go fig.

So, getting up was a challenge, but letting go was worse. I got to the top, pressed the button and just froze. I tried to let go, but the harness seemed loose, so I had to ask for reassurance a few times. After they convinced me to forget everything I'd ever been taught about gravity, I let go. Just had to be sure! Biggest adrenaline rush EV!
Mike made it to the top in about 3 seconds tops.
In keeping with my adrenaline-packed weekend theme, I decided to go on a helicopter ride. Mike was the lucky one who got to go with me. Though he was pretty excited.
Mike was born ready to rock! He was whoopin' and hollerin' the whole time! I was a bit more reserved. I think I was afraid that I'd throw up if I opened my mouth.
Looking down! Gulp! No sides on this heli. (Don't thrash my chopper by ralphin' in it, broseph!)

The view from the west side.
Emily making a totes awesome sandwich in the RV.
Then, Emily talked Amy into taking a ride on the chopper! I couldn't believe she said yes!
Amy and Auntie Em get off the helicopter. They were hi-fiving and everything!

The Haag sisters and their dudes! (I look just like Mike with my shirt off! HA!)


The Hagan Clan said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!!! I bet you need a break like that, we all do sometimes!!!